“ My ultimate goal is to create an organically designed space that is lived in
and loved.”

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Christine Utter


Personally, I create homes where all rooms are enjoyed.  I surround myself with art I love (mostly my daughter’s young art) – it doesn’t have to be “fancy” and “expensive” – it just has to be special to you.  I surround myself with books, plants, animals and the people I love – I love the historical provenance of pieces and feel the positive energy I felt when I discovered the piece will for sure add great energy in my space. My love of imperfection creates a welcoming atmosphere. 

Less is more. As long as a house is curated of  beautiful and timeless things – it will always be a home.

A Great Mix

With a B.S. Degree in Psychology and Counseling/Social Work combined with my business background, instinctual eye for decorating, endless love of researching provenances and structure (out of necessity and passion), I will help  guide you to the road on your path to  success – whatever the endeavor.

Whether working with celebrities and high end design houses or
a neighbor on a budget needing that special accent piece, I am up to the challenge!