My ultimate goal is to create an organically designed space that is lived in and loved. I feel a strong connection with classic antique and vintage pieces from the not so distant past: Appreciating and working with these materials and admiring the techniques, I feel a sense of continuity, shared tradition, and love for the meticulous craftsmanship.


Christine Marie Utter


I create homes where all rooms are loved, lived in and enjoyed.  I surround myself in every aspect of life with soulfulness - my books, plants, animals and people I love! Nothing and no-one has to be “fancy” and “expensive” - most importantly they have to be special. It brings me great joy to get into personalities of people who owned “stuff” and catching a glimmer and a glean into the lives of other’s through their homes. They all have a story to tell.

I love the historical provenance of pieces and I am so intrigued by the designer, the crafts person, the colors, the shape, the thought that went into it. Falling upon old letters, post-cards and photographs takes me over the moon and I am sucked in for hours, days, months and years — I love it.


I don’t mind a chip, a stain, an imperfection — just like with people, I find it more interesting…a life lived. My love of the perfectly imperfect brings spirit and character to the world (your world). 

A house that is curated with beautiful and timeless things – will always be a home. As my Nana Rita (and Margaret Wolfe Hungerford) has said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Aint’ that the truth. “Nothing is known as perfect, it is only those imperfections which we choose not see” (Albert Einstein)

A Great Mix

My Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology and Social Work combined with my business background, interior decorating experience, work with high end design houses, television and movie set designers, celebrities (no name dropping darling!) or a neighbor on a budget has allowed me to use my instinctual eye for well crafted beauty, my endless love of researching historical pieces (out of necessity and passion) has led me to my joy of creating beautiful spaces and searching for beautiful pieces. My experience will help to guide you on the path to  success – whatever the endeavor.