APRIL SHOWERS BRINGS MAY FLOWERS - AND AN INTROVERTS CALM. An introverts calm is the calm I am feeling today on this Showery April Day. The term Introvert and Extrovert were introduced by the famed Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. He describes the introvert as being characterized, as “…aloof from external happenings, …his own world is a safe harbour, a carefully tended and walled-in garden, closed to the public and prying eyes…” and he defines the extrovert as possessing characteristics like “…interest in the external object, …a desire to influence and be influenced by events…”. Can you have both? Yes.

On this Rainy April Day, as I sit in my “walled-in garden, closed to the public and prying eyes”, I can see the greenery of the grass, the forsythia blooming fantastically beautiful yellows and daffodils sprouting about my yard. Happy that Spring is on it’s way on one hand, and sad on the other for Winter allows for introverts to snuggle up and have an excuse to stay inside.

So, before I completely gear up for the outdoor chores and my ‘interests in the external object,” sets in, I want to take this opportunity to snuggle up in my bed, cover myself up with my antique quilt and in solitude pursue the books sitting on my bedside table. I still have time to organize my linens and prepare my tea-cups for the warm extroverted days that the warm winds will blow my way.

-Christine Marie