BOOKS AND WORKING OUT. BOOKS AND WORKING OUT. Getting out of my pajamas (when I can work in them, at home) on this chilly wet April day, has it’s pros and cons.

I decided to stay in today and complete some pushed aside paperwork and some necessary business, phone calls, uploading photos, reaching out to client’s and craftsman, in between, I read some books and lifted 5 lbs. in weights, three reps of 15 each arm. I keep these lugs under my desk and scattered around the relaxing rooms in the house. At times, I pride myself when I intertwine my reading with vacuuming. Simultaneously.

My books are surrounding me always and the book of the hour was “The Idiot’s Guide to Starting & Running a Retail Store”. Yes. I am considering opening ‘another’ store. I blurted out to my husband today “should I be afraid to fail” and then quickly answered myself with “at least I tried” - some people never try for fear of failing.

I am grateful that I am not one of them.

So now, let me get back to my books and weights.

“If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.”

— Woody Allen