Tropical Comfort Pieces

Tropical comfort pieces provide a relaxed vibe - soft and warm colors like “misty lilac" or “duck egg blue”. Are soft and serene as if the coastal sunset and the coastal waters are swishing away your troubles - creating a relaxing environment. Vibrant Colors such as Annie Sloan’s Florence or Flamingo Pink create a similar oceanic feel, perhaps with some flexing!

I picked up this rustic pine console from my client who was moving to Florida from Connecticut. I liked the length, the height , mostly, I loved the odd numbered 5 drawers, the width and the fat legs. There was something unique that it did to my eye and brain that attracted it to me.

I had it in my store unpainted for sale going on 4 months. One cold and bleak April day I was tired of the weather, the chilly days, the gray sky, no flowers, no colors and as I stared out my little shops windows I wanted to change the scene - I took the bulls by the horns as they say - and decided to dance (it really does heal a lot of things). Yup, I turned on my Alexa - “Alexa Play Etta James Wildflower (Roll with Me Henry), Alexa make it louder”! As I boogied around my shop, I danced right into the pine console, still in it’s natural state. What was I to do except whip out my paint brush, crack open an A&W Root beer, grab the prettiest paint that defined my mood (which happened to be Annie Sloan’s Florence) and paint away!

Turning lemons into lemonade is a great thing! The dull pine piece was transformed to a tropical paradise of a piece. Evoking comfort, sunshine, warmth, fun and lazy days.

The piece sold the next day! Go figure….

-Christine Marie