Roll With It. Palm Sunday. A Taste of The Passion. A Lamb Being Lead to Slaughter.

Roll With It. Palm Sunday. A Taste of The Passion. Putting ourselves in his shoes. First, Jesus watched as one of his apostle’s betrayed him with a kiss. Have you ever had someone smile at you on the surface but then do something to intentionally hurt you? If so, you have had a taste of the passion. Abandonment in dark times? Again, a taste of the passion. I have many examples of the taste of the passion.

My one memory of a Taste of The Passion is of (a) friend pretending they want the same things, yet insidiously, makes moves behind the scenes to make sure this is not the case. When this deals with your children it is harder to roll with. However, the beans are always spilled, the criminal always caught, the liar always found out. I sit quietly like the lamb being lead to slaughter as the thief walks through life as if I know nothing. “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”  (Luke 23:34)

OKAY, OKAY, so how does this relate to The Skillful Shopper Antiques? Today is a day to forgive. I am turning part of this into the forgiveness of self. If you buy something and realize later the salesman/woman was “kissing you on the cheek” - ROLL WITH IT. Forgive them and forgive yourself. Try to find a space for it, re-new it by painting or restoring to it’s natural or created beauty OR return it. Clearly, there was something you liked about it in order to take the time to find it, pay for it and lug it home. Or maybe not, may it was an “impulse buy” or “trickery”.

There are many ways to forgive yourself for that “impulse buy” or “trickery” - First, PRAY, then put it on Facebook Marketplace. LAUGHING OUT LOUD RN.

Put it “out to the universe” for FREE - help someone who may need it or just wants it, you will feel better.

Ahhhh, If it was so easy.

(The picture is of an “impulse buy” - repainted by me, in my time of forgiveness).

-Christine Marie -