Bridging The Gap Between Passionate Lovers of a Different Class

Bridging The Gap Between Passionate Lovers of a Different Class. The Renaissance Period was a period in history that produced great paintings and sculptures from artists such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli. Furniture from the Renaissance period may not be as well know as it’s visual arts. Renaissance furniture is revolutionary for representing an important shift in the trends.

Renaissance Furniture began production during the 15th Century in Italy. This brought wealth to the bourgeoisie  which meant bigger houses and the demand for higher quality furniture.

Furniture was seen as a symbol of social status. Canopy Beds were for the wealthy while the poor slept on mattresses stuffed with straw or directly on a bed of straw. Yes, let them eat cake.

The Marriage Chest was a wooden box that was decorated on both sides and the top that stored items and room decorations and a symbol for both wealthy and poor. The social status was in the level of detail and ornamentation. The grander the detail and ornamentation the higher the social class.

The Marriage Chest reveries me to the story of Giovanni and Lusanna who became passionate lovers of a different class during the Renaissance Period in Florence.

Lusanna is the modern day Black Widow a brave female figure who refused to accept the informal barriers to her advancement in the world. Hiding their love affair behind closed doors until Lusanna’s working class husband dies. This opens the doors and Giovanni and Lusanna begin to gallivant in public. A desirable beauty, Lusanna was asked by many other men to marry - she refused for she was in passionate love with Giovanni.

So now the shit hits the fan, fear of being disinherited (scared boy) Giovanni refuses to officially marry Lusanna. She plays along and in public they introduce themselves as married. They vacation together, attend parties together and have great passionate sex. Giovanni’s father dies. Giovanni (scared boy) refuses to marry Lusanna and completely cuts her off. Lusanna learns that Giovanni is marrying a wealthier girl, a girl in his social class and has “bowed” to the demands of his social status. The wealthier Marietta is not nearly as beautiful as Lusanna - however, she comes from one of the richest and wealthiest familes in Florence.

Lusanna takes Giovanni to court (you go) - stating that he is already married to her. Lusanna is brave enough to take a stand in a society that divides the classes in more ways than one. Not only is she considered Giovanni’s social and economic inferior she is now using the court system to be treated as his equal. Lusanna wins the case in the fair minded court of Archbishop of Florence, Antoninus . Giovanni and Lusanna Love and Marriage in Renaissance Florence court case shook the centuries-old assumption that people should marry for economic reasons, not for love. The same holds true when you are seeking furniture, jewelry, clothing, homes or underwear. Buy what you love and don’t be a (scared boy) buying into the social expectations of your particular community. The WORLD IS BIG.

Mix a haute bourgeois piece with a petite bourgeois piece and glorious love will be found. Bridging The Gap Between Passionate Lovers of a Different Class.