it CREATES “your happy space”

I create homes where all rooms are enjoyed.
The design style of blending several centuries together adds not only movement and energy but excitement and intellect will define any space.

Going vintage is going green. Whenever you buy anything retro, used, second-hand, vintage, whatever you want to call it — you’re doing us all a favor. You’re keeping junk out of landfills, reducing your personal carbon footprint, saving yourself some cash, and possibly making your home a little cooler (c’mon who doesn’t like knowing they have the only set of purple 1970’s West Virginia iced tea glasses on the block, eh?)

why it’s great to repurpose

Collecting luxurious textiles and vintage fabrics from days gone are one of my favorite collections.  I have tons of glorious vintage fabrics, napkins and aprons. I am now starting a collection of vintage tea pots. 

This opens up the world of eco-elegance. When
we mix beautiful objects together, old and new, life invites historically preservation while adding feelings of permanence and tradition


did you knoW:

Antiques not only provide unique style and value for money but, as this report confirms with the pieces used for the research, the annual emissions of an antique piece can be as little as one sixteenth of those of its new equivalent.

the figures SAY IT ALL:

An antique product has an annual carbon footprint of 0.72kg CO2e, whereas the new product has a footprint per year of use of 11.36kg CO2e. 

Therefore, a new chest of drawers will have a carbon impact sixteen times higher than an antique chest of drawers.